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Moji ;D
Moji ;D

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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 5:57 pm

o1: Active; You joined this group, so I expect everyone to be active. I'm trying not to pile a bunch of work on you guys, but you should be dedicated to work on it.

o2: Creativity; We are a more slower, dramtatic, sad ( Whatever you want to call it xD ) song group. This means we focus more on stories and emotion. I don't want you video's to be boring and sparkely O.o

o3: Posting; We use these forums to keep everything organized and stuff. The Random chat thread is free for anyone to make a topic in. Announcements are of limits to anyone who isn't an Admin ( Yes Jess, you are off Posting probation in the announcments ), but you can post replies to anything you would like.

o4: Language; I curse like a sailor xD a polite one though. I don't mind you guys using small curses here and there, but don't abuse it or use really strong language. Especially at other people =/ If you don't know the difference between small curses and strong ones.... whatever ones you see me write is fine to use xD

o5: Deadlines; Please stick to them. I usually give around a month to do something. It shouldn't take you more than that unless you have a legitamite excuse (ex; computer broke, vacation, lost all projects). If you can't complete a project, let me know ASAP so i can find someone to fill in.

I think i got everything xD

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